Thinking Deep..

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These are my words, from depths
I had no idea existed before.
Today they suddenly feel important
Weigh more than ever before,
Not wanting to remain unsaid anymore.
They might mean absolutely everything 
Or probably just another line of random thoughts.
But I know..
I will never be holding this pen
The same way again..

Your Silence..

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If life has other plans for us
Like it always does,
Know that I am totally at peace with it.
Everything I do brings me to you somehow.
Though we have hardly touched each other's lives
But we did explore the wild lands, that
Never even existed before.
Where there is a stillness to things
Where nothing needs to be said,
Where memories last forever.
They don't need to be defined or understood,

New Dreams..

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I like the way you say things
Making everything sound so possible
Things I never believed in before
And that something clearing away every difference between us
They don't matter anymore.
We were mere strangers a few hours back
Now just two names with the universe dissolved into nothing
It all seems like a new dream
With a million more to come, oh bless those dreamy eyes.. 

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